Autonomē Kitchen is first and foremost about learning to cook with simplicity and fun using an innovative online application combined with custom cooking tools.

What brought us to create Autonomē Kitchen?

It all started with a question : ‘How do we help autistic children fully autonomous in the kitchen? We brainstormed hundreds of ideas before producing the first prototypes. Everytime we completed a prototype we tested our initial question: “Does it help children become autonomous in the kitchen?” After multiple trial and errors we finally found a potential solution. All we needed was to test it and who better  than autistic children themselves. So here we are, after having hundreds of recipes tested and completed by autistic children.

Our Vision

Make autonomous cooking accessible to children, adults, with or without disabilities all over the world

Our Mission

Create a simple and evolutive solution to allow children, adults, with or without disabilities to develop their autonomy in the kitchen

Our Values

Autonomy | Adaptability | Simplicity

Who are we?

A small team of motivated individuals stubborn to the point of tackling the most challenging aspects of acquiring autonomy. We’re designers, architects, developers and experts in autonomy but most of all we’re parents with unwavering love for our children.

Des enfants qui cuisinent
Jean-François Aubry

Our expert on autonomy and autism

My name is Jean-François.

I’ve been working as a specialized educator with students having an autism spectrum disorder for the past 15 years.

The goal I set myself with my students is always the same: My students should stand on their own feet and not need my help once they leave my classroom. It’s not always easy that’s for sure. Let’s just say I understand the concept of trial and error really well.

My job is to imagine the solutions and means to help each student to reach their full potential, become autonomous and to become the best versions of themselves. That being said I now have a strong desire to help my students and their families to develop that potential in the comfort of their own homes. That’s why we created Autonomē Kitchen.

Autonomē Kitchen reduces by 80% the number of interventions in the execution of a recipe. In other words the “cook” is 80% more autonomous and, the more they practice the more they gain in autonomy!

Jean-François Aubry

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